The story of this campaign for TURO would be to make the average sedan or SUV on TURO look more enticing to rent & highlight the ease of renting a car anywhere, anytime with TURO.


Turo cars, true road trips. The key here is the emotional hook of story telling. Embrace the car getting us there by highlighting the pit stops, wrong turns, & the candid moments. Putting TURO cars into relatable situations, a genuine road trip.


3 cars, 3 locations, all within 3 hours of main TURO cities.

1 trip to be a single individual get away trip.

1 trip to be a couples trip

1 trip to be a friends trip

1 sedan, 1 SUV, & 1 sports car.

Denver, CO story - A couples trip with a sedan through the rockies, a concert at red rocks, and a weekend camping. A true Denver experience.

Seattle, WA story - An escape to the coast. A quick get away trip for one person with a sports car to destress & run away from the busy city life.

Austin, TX story - Friends trip in the city. One SUV to haul the group around Austin to see some sights, enjoy some barbecue, & experience the nightlife.


30 images each trip.

15 portrait orientation for social media & 15 landscape orientation for web.


The Volvo S60 images were produced & shot by me. I rented this from Turo for this spec shoot styled as a get away trip. I went out with one model and shot a mix between automotive & lifestyle images that tell a story. Turo rental location, Los Angeles. Shoot location, Antelope Valley. A short 1.5 hour trip from LA.


Talent: Ages 25-35. Focus is on candid moments. Some staged automotive shots with couple in the frame but not too in your face of a commercial automotive look. Genuine colors, no harsh color grades that will look dated.

Inspiration continued