Images shot & copy for Type 7 / Porsche.


This 1976 911S was originally purchased in 1980 by Ryan’s uncle from a family friend. Ryan’s first memories of this 911S began when he was 4 years old. His family would fly from Vancouver down to LA to visit his uncle a few times a year & the first thing Ryan would do after landing in LA was go out for drives with his uncle in the 911S. At an early age, the air-cooled 911 bug bit. Growing up in a car-centric family, Ryan would spend a lot of time around vintage Alfa’s & Porsche’s, but this 911S held a special place for him. Fast forward to when Ryan was 12 years old, his uncle had relocated to San Francisco and when Ryan would visit their joy rides now turned into 6am spirited drives through Napa & Sonoma while the roads were vacant. When his uncle decided to upgrade to a 993 C2S he gave Ryan first dibs on purchasing the 911S. In 2004 he purchased the “mid year magnesium case 911 no one wanted” as his first car. 

“Visually, I have kept the car exactly like I remember it being”. After purchasing the car from his uncle Ryan has tended to regular maintenance but decided to keep the car exactly like he remembers it when he was little. A suspension overhaul, transmission rebuild, & necessary 2.7 updates such as an 11 blade fan and backdated exhaust were done. “The happy revving 2.7, skinny g-body, non-sunroof, no power anything 911 is the sweet spot 911 for me. It feels more solid than a long hood 911 but still significantly lighter than the later Carrera 3.2s.” A handful of Porsche’s have gone through his possession before but this car will be staying in the family. His plans for it will remain the same. Keep driving it and enjoying it.

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